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About David your friendly local SEO, Google expert and WordPress website manager here in Plymouth, Devon – Call mobile 07538 199694

David Saunders has been in the “world of SEO” since late 1997 when he lived in the San Francisco Bay Area. This was before Google!

David had a small local business that was top all over Yahoo!, MSN and the big search engines of the day. Ever inquisitive David found online communities and had conversations with some people with the same vision…. SEARCH would be massive….

What you can expect from David

  • Advanced local SEO services & an eye that will spot mistakes by even the best SEO’s
  • SEO, Google Adwords management, Google My Business, Social Media and more
  • iPhone and iPad business maps connect set up and managed
  • Analytics, Statistics, Google Search Console
  • Total honesty – David is Plymouth’s Google Local Expert!
  • No big SEO company porkies! Sometimes advice is free!

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telephone: 07538 199694

Hello! I’m David and I’m a very happy go lucky, easy going and polite person. I am lucky to have a very sunny disposition.

I have been in the world of “SEO” since 1997 BG… Before Google!

I stumbled upon what was then a very early industry with practically no-one understanding what I did! I had a small business at the time and was very, very busy. I was an early adopter of Pay Per Click marketing with which was the very first PPC model. My small business was top on Yahoo! Search for as little as 10 cents. I was living in the San Francisco Bay Area at the time. I was lucky enough to work with some big name wineries in Napa, Sonoma, San Francisco and Monterey.

I also worked with several Estate Agents managing to get their homes for sale listings TOP on Google etc.

The Estate Agents along with a massive Dental franchise and several San Francisco Bay Area Car Dealers saw business flourish..

Good days.

I just happen to be the only Google City Expert in Plymouth, Devon. I am also a Google Trusted Tester. Being a “Google Fanboy” I can manage almost anything to get your business to gain more custom through Google and Social Media… There are a lot of tricks I have up my sleeve…

If you need help with anything Google do call me on 07538 199694. I work with Google Adwords and organic SEO in and around Plymouth.

I am now the person behind One Small Candle of Plymouth a Community Interest Group aimed at Mayflower 400 in 2020. Basically we are authentic Pilgrims!

I am an ideas guy and love dreaming big. One of my ideas just won an award. Pirate Days in Plymouth.

David 07538 199694